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Green Relief Innovations: An Enlightened Perspective

It’s not news to anyone that cannabis is big business, certain to grow even bigger.  And while “medical” cannabis may be seen as simply a loophole that enables many recreational users to skirt legal prohibitions, there is a growing body of research showing that cannabis has profound and powerful potential in therapeutic applications.

The recent announcement that cannabis giant, Origin House is selling shares of Bodhi Research & Development highlights the enormous profitability of the cannabis business, as well as illuminating the extraordinary developments this disruptive industry is capable of producing.  Origin House’s sale of 51% of its interest in Bodhi R&D will produce a staggering 700% return on investment, and while the profit is remarkable, what’s most noteworthy is the groundbreaking work Bodhi, to be renamed Green Relief Innovations, is engaged in.

At the center of that work is one man:  Dr. Neilank Jha, a neurosurgeon and concussion specialist.  Founder and CEO of Bodhi R&D, Dr. Jha will continue to lead Green Relief Innovations, a subsidiary of Green Relief, Canada’s leading producer of medical cannabis.

Working with his team at Green Relief Innovations, Dr. Jha is pioneering the development of cannabis-based therapies to treat concussion.  Dr. Jha’s clinical trials have demonstrated that cannabis can play a vital role in helping to alleviate the crippling symptoms of concussion, and the Toronto-based neurosurgeon’s work is in perfect harmony with Green Relief’s enlightened business model.

Green Relief is more than simply a profitable cannabis company.  It is positively revolutionary.  Green Relief cultivates cannabis via aquaponics, which is a fusion of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (cultivating plants without soil.)  This method of cannabis cultivation benefits the environment by using far less water than traditional methods, while also dramatically increasing yield without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  In addition to a healthier, more profitable yield, the fish that are raised are donated to a food rescue service.  The business model both does well and does good.

A brief examination of Dr. Neilank Jha’s biography demonstrates why he is an ideal complement to the work Green Relief does.  Born in Edmondton, Alberta, Dr. Jha’s education and experience demonstrate deep Canadian roots and a passionate commitment to challenging the status quo in pursuit of innovation and progress.  Dr. Jha completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, and he completed both medical school and his neurosurgery residency at Ontario’s McMaster University.  Dr. Jha’s remarkable career has focused on revolutionizing the treatment of concussions, and he is considered an international expert on the subject.  Dr. Jha has passionately advocated for better awareness and treatment for concussions, a condition that is often overlooked or treated far too casually.

Dr. Jha’s neurosurgery credentials, publications, and notoriety are certainly remarkable, but there’s more to the man than simply a brilliant medical career.  He also earned an MBA from the Ivey School of Business and MSc in Behavioural Economics from the London School of Economics.  In addition, Dr. Jha is the founder and chairman of WATCH Community Service International, an organization that serves underprivileged children in Toronto.

The partnership between Dr. Jha and Green Relief is rooted in a passion for innovation and an enlightened perspective on profitability.  Warren Bravo, Chief Executive Officer of Green Relief said: “We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jha and his colleagues to the Green Relief family. With its unparalleled expertise in cannabis-based R&D and clinical trials, the team at Bodhi Research will be integral to growing our research and development arm, and establishing an innovative suite of cannabis-based medical products to serve a growing nutraceutical market.”

Dr. Jha’s enthusiasm is evident as well.  He said, “Together, we will work to develop products that will not only target priority medical conditions, but also provide patients with more choices to enhance their health and well-being, thus establishing Green Relief as a globally trusted household brand for medicinal cannabis.  We joined the team at Green Relief as it has demonstrated a strong commitment to health and wellness, and has entrusted us to develop a suite of products that are clinically tested and rooted in science.”

Green Relief and Dr. Jha, Neilank Kumar offer us something that is remarkably and disappointingly rare.  Their combined work generates a profit and provides employment.  But it does so much more.  It also nurtures inspiration and innovation.  This partnership actively strives to improve communities.  It benefits the environment.  And it promises to provide physical relief for serious medical conditions.

In a world that feels increasingly dominated by divisive politics, profits-at-any-cost, and an endless barrage of depressing news, it’s rewarding to devote attention to the people who do important, good work.

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