Abstracts/Conference Presentations


Staff Neurosurgeon / Spine Surgeon, Director Head Injury Program

2013 - Present, Mackenzie Health Hospital


2014 - Present, ‘Current Research : Concussion’ (Thieme Medical Publishers)

Journal with global editorial board focusing on mild traumatic brain injury, spine and athletic performance.

Chairman, CEO

2012 - Present, KONKUSSION

Clinical offices throughout Canada performing baseline testing and 24 hour access to care for acute concussions. We collect a tremendous amount of baseline data and acutely concussed data in real time. In Toronto alone we review 250 concussions per week of which 15% progress to a post concussive syndrome despite our best efforts.


2014 – Present, Konkussion Institute of Education

Educational accredited program for allied health staff to be certified in evidence based guidelines for concussion management

Chief Scientific Officer

2016 - Present, Bodhi R&D

Analyzing data and running clinical trials in therapeutics and diagnostics.


2015 - Present, The Konkussion Retreat

International MTBI conference in Toronto (September 2015) with 350 delegates by invitation only. Some speakers include: Cantu, McKee, Giza, Bailes, etc.

Adjunct Professor

2014 - Present, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College


Executive MSc in Behavioural Economics

London School of Economics, 2017 - Present

Behavioural Economics

Master of Business Administration

Ivey Business School at Western University, 2015 - 2017

Clinical Fellowship, Spinal Program

Toronto Western Hospital, 2010 - 2012

Supervisor: Dr. Michael G. Fehlings

Neurosurgery Specialty Training

Neurosurgery Residency Program, 2004 - 2010

Department of Neurosurgery, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Doctor of Medicine

Undergraduate Medical Programme, 2001 - 2004

Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Bachelor of Arts & Science, B. Arts Sc

Arts & Science Programme, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 1997 - 2001

Sir Robert Borden High School, Ottawa, Canada

Grade XIII, 1996 - 1997

Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School

Puttaparthy, A.P., India (Holistic and Value Education School), 1991 - 1996

As a neurosurgeon and spine surgeon, I operate my medical practice. As the Chairman of KONKUSSION, I am fortunate to be on the cutting edge of innovation in concussion education, clinical management, and research and development.

Dr. Neilank K. Jha